PRIMMS® simplifies multi-project management with a consistent reporting look and feel and managerial approach. All projects are easy to access and use a standard, consistent structure and dashboard for providing scope, schedule, cost and quality status. The consistency of look and feel across all projects enables management to advance their organization’s project management maturity.

Today’s complex technology projects can overwhelm even the brightest and most capable project managers. Through the use of Quality Gates PRIMMS® helps project managers cut through the noise, simplify and get control of even the toughest project situations.

PRIMMS® powerful web-enabled project reporting and dashboard analytics allow senior stakeholders to stay well informed of key project facts, issues, action items and trends at their own convenience.

PRIMMS® sophisticated risk management tools enable project managers to identify and mitigate risks quickly. PRIMMS® problem solving tools help project managers and teams save time in resolving complex problems.

PRIMMS® lowers project management costs. Project managers are more productive and effective at meeting project objectives. Project teams can access and store critical documents securely.

PRIMMS is a cost effective, cloud computing solution. No software to worry about, no servers, no hardware.

PRIMMS® project management consultant resource center provides project management training materials for classroom instruction and on-the-job training.